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Humanizing your brand and establishing trusting relationships with consumers has never been more important.

According to the 2017 Edelman Trust Barometer, the average person’s inclination towards trust has reached a crisis level. Businesses that want to thrive in this environment need to take a completely different approach to their advertising and customer relations. 

Today’s consumers are disenchanted with old-school marketing techniques. They are bombarded with thousands of ads every day and view the majority of them as being intentionally manipulative. Impersonal ads designed to appeal to millions of viewers are now seen as untrustworthy and bring very little value to the table.

Faceless corporations are viewed as greedy and uncaring. Brand loyalty is declining, making it more difficult to retain customers after the initial sale.

To set yourself apart, you must lift the curtain and reveal the personalities behind your brand. Today’s most effective marketing plans are individualized and focused on forming human relationships. A well-written blog and savvy social media strategy will help you make these critical connections.

Using Your Blog to Humanize Your Brand

Blogging gives you a chance to connect with your audience in a way that simply isn’t possible with other forms of marketing. You have greater leeway to choose your subjects and can create posts on the fly. Use your blog to address specific problems or questions as they come up, give your opinion on timely topics, and provide details about breaking company news.

As you prepare your blog posts, a few simple tips will help you build trust and create a personal bond.

Show Your Face

Humans are inherently visual, so include pictures whenever possible. Give your audience the feeling that they are part of your family by sharing photos of yourself, your team members, and your office space.

Are you working on launching a new product or did you recently have a team-building excursion? Take some action shots and include them in your next update. When appropriate, allow a glimpse into your personal life with photos of your home, family, vacations, or hobbies.

Stay Warm and Friendly

Use a personal voice that is friendly and inviting. The key lies in finding a balance between being professionally authoritative and remaining warm and likable. Simplify topics whenever possible, and explain them as if you were speaking directly to a family member or friend.

Find Your Unique Voice

Just about any topic you can choose will have already been addressed elsewhere. When audiences read your blog, they are interested in your unique viewpoint. Fail to remember this, and you will find it very difficult to keep your readers engaged.

Facts and statistics add a level of credibility to your posts, but it’s important to avoid sounding like an encyclopedia. Regurgitating information that is readily available online doesn’t add any value to your reader. Instead, expound on why the facts matter and how they impact you reader.  Find your voice, take a stance, and make every blog post uniquely yours.

Open Up

Allowing yourself to be vulnerable makes it easy for readers to relate to you. Don’t be afraid to share personal stories and write about your problems or insecurities. If you’ve hit stumbling blocks on your way to success, explain what happened and how you were able to overcome it.

While this technique is incredibly valuable for creating a feeling of authenticity, beware of oversharing. Your blog is not the place to air all your dirty laundry. There is a fine line between admitting you make mistakes and venting in a way that causes you to lose credibility. Master this and you will be well on your way to creating your most engaging posts yet.

Social Media Strategy

Even the best blog posts won’t do much to engage readers if they aren’t easy to find. If you really want to grow your fan base, you need to be active on at least a few of the most popular social media channels. Do some research to find out where your ideal audience spends their time. Then make sure you’re there as well.

When you share blog posts, include a question or ask readers to give their feedback. Check frequently for comments and respond to each one individually. Be sincere in your responses and speak to readers as you would your friends and family.

Creating human relationships with your customers requires time and effort, but is well worth it. If you don’t have the manpower to handle these tasks internally, consider outsourcing. Ghost-written blogs allow you to share your thoughts and opinions without ever having to type a word.

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