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Many business owners avoid blogging because they know they will struggle to keep it up to date. If writing is not your specialty, you may dread the thought of creating a new blog post every few days. It can be stressful to consistently come up with fresh new ideas, and choosing trending topics requires knowledge and skills. 

Our ghost blogging service solves these problems for you. Fresh Content Design custom crafts each blog post to meet your individual needs. Having the right blog in place can help you to:

  • Create conversations and interact with customers
  • Humanize your brand and develop your unique personality
  • Establish a loyal reader base
  • Showcase your knowledge and problem-solving abilities

Engage Your Ideal Customer

    > Internet users spend 3x more time reading blogs than they do reading their email.

Increase Web Traffic

      > Companies that blog generate an average of 55% more visitors to their website.

Improve Search Engine Ranking

     > Blogging can increase your search engine indexing by up to 434%.

Create Brand Awareness

     > 80% of daily blog traffic comes from new visitors.

Build a Loyal Fan Base

     > 94% of people share posts they believe are helpful to others.


Open up your business to the world of blogging without taking time away from doing the things you do best.

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